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Bleached Knot

Bleach knots are the latest innovation in hair systems, and they look great. As the name suggests, hair is put through a delicate root bleaching process after being knotted to the hair system base. Knot bleaching removes most of the dark color pigment from the hair.

hair replacement bleach knots

Bleached knots are virtually invisible, which makes the hair appear to be growing right out from your scalp. No one will be able to tell that you are wearing a hair replacement system with bleach knots. Root bleaching makes knots translucent, so ugly knots fade away. Knot bleaching mimics the appearance of your hair because near the scalp, and growing hair appears lighter in color.


Bleached knots are an essential part of a knotted hair system. As they look so good, most clients choose bleach knots for their front hairline as a default because a natural front hairline is essential to achieve a realistic look. Root bleaching makes knots simply undetectable and is especially useful if you have darker hair color. Bleach knots are available either around the perimeter or parting area. If you have a lighter hair density, we can even add root bleaching to the entire system. Your real hair is knotless, and we can create that look with bleached knots.

                                         Knots unbleached                                                

                  hair replacement non bleach knots   


Note: Please note that these pictures are intended for use as a result for bleached knots only; bleached knots are only applicable to the lace base system. Skin units and monofilament units do not need knot bleaching.