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8 of the Best Lace Hair Systems

What are lace hair systems? A lace hair system is a hair replacement system or hairpiece with a full or partial lace base. Human or synthetic hair is usually tied to the lace base in double-split knots so that it will never come off.

Why Are Lace Hair Systems the Best to Wear?

Lace hair system bases are soft and highly breathable, catering to the maximum ease of the scalp.
They are ideal for wearers living or vacationing in tropical areas. With a lace hair system on, the wearer can easily survive the scorching heat of summer.


Do Lace Hair Systems Look Real and Undetectable?

So far, lace hair systems or lace wigs are the most realistic-looking hair systems. They give the wearer the most natural-looking and undetectable hairlines and parts. Once attached, the lace fabric melts seamlessly into the wearer’s natural scalp, so the hair blends with the natural hair, creating the illusion that the wearer has a perfect, full head of lush natural hair.

8 of the Best Lace Hair Systems to Wear

To wear or sell hair systems, you may wonder: what kinds of lace hair systems are they buying or selling on the market? We’ve listed some of the best lace hair systems. You will better understand how they work and how to choose the best lace hair systems that suit your needs.

Full Lace Hair Systems

As their name suggests, as one of the best lace hair systems, full lace hair systems have a base entirely made of lace, covering the entire scalp. Thus, every inch of the scalp looks as real as the wearer’s natural scalp and is soft and breathable, giving the wearer maximum comfort.
The most worn full lace hair systems are:
  1. French lace hair systems
  2. Swiss lace hair systems

French Lace Hair Systems

French lace is slightly thicker and darker than Swiss lace.
The lace material has numerous holes, which makes the base super breathable. The holes are closely next to each other, allowing the hair to be tied to the base in double-split knots, and never come off. However, the front is in single knots to give a more natural and realistic look.
Compared to other lace materials, French lace is much more durable and robust. It can hold significantly more hair than other lace materials. Its hair density is usually medium-heavy.
French lace hair systems are lightweight and comfortable for the head. It allows the wearer to survive the scorching heat of summer and humid weather.
French lace is more robust and easier to maintain than other types of lace hair systems.

Swiss Lace Hair Systems

Unlike Frech lace, Swiss lace is made of fine mesh fabric, much softer than French lace, and feels more comfortable on the wearer’s head. It’s ideal for men with sensitive scalps.
Swiss lace hair systems are much finer and more delicate than French lace and require more time and effort to maintain. As one of the best lace hair systems, the lace material will tear if the wearer isn’t gentle enough when attaching or removing it.
Swiss lace hair systems cannot hold as much hair as French ones. It can only take a hair density of light to medium.
Swiss lace looks super realistic, much more realistic than French lace. There’s no way anyone can tell the wearer is wearing a hairpiece.
Swiss lace hair systems are more delicate than French lace and are high maintenance. So, they are recommended for experienced wearers.
Swiss lace hair systems can only carry hair as long as 5-6 inches. One inch longer than that will be too heavy for the base and risky to tear.
Hair can only be tied to Swiss lace in single knots, as double or double-split knots will be too heavy and cause the base to tear.

French Lace vs. Swiss Lace Hair Systems


Lace Base with a PU Perimeter

Hair systems with a base made of more than one material are known as hybrid hair systems. Lace hair systems with a PU perimeter are an example of that. They are also considered one of the best lace hair systems.

The lace material has all the fantastic attributes of a lace hair system. The lace is breathable and looks very real and natural. The PU perimeter, however, strengthens the base. It also makes applying tape or adhesive to the PU easy for the stylist.

Lace Front Hair Systems

It’s all about what we call them. Usually, lace front hair systems are for men to wear. As another type of hybrid hair system, lace front hair systems only have the frontal area of lace fiber, and the rest can be made of other materials. Usually, the front lace section starts from the front hairline and spans horizontally across the entire scalp. That also makes them one of the best lace hair systems in the world.

Here are some benefits of these best lace front hair systems:
  1. Realistic-looking hairlines: the purpose of wearing lace front hair systems is to achieve a natural, undetectable front hairline.
  2. Cost-effective: lace costs more than other base materials for its comfort and realistic look. However, lace front hair systems only have the frontal section made of lace, so it costs much less than men’s full lace hair systems. The overall cost is relatively low, saving the wearer quite a bit.

Front Partial Lace Hair System

More and more men are suffering from hair loss. However, the symptom that troubles most men is the receding front hairline. The sad truth is that the population suffering from receding hairlines is getting younger and younger.
Lace frontals are a practical and economical way to help those troubled by receding hairlines. The hair is hand-knotted to the lace base one by one. The lace covers only the front, saving a lot of lace material and time spent knotting the hair to it.
If you are a hair stylist or a salon owner and encounter a client with a receding hairline and a small budget, recommend lace frontals. The lace material is perfectly breathable and always grants the wearer an undetectable hairline and perfect breathability.
Our product is well-loved and enjoyed by our customers all over the globe. We can help you cover hair loss problems and achieve different hairstyles instantly.  
We are willing to negotiate to accommodate your needs.   
In this way, we are sure that we can be there for you not only at this moment but for all your future hair replacement requests. Looking for your best has never been easier than with Lyrical Hair.
Lyrical Hair Team is always here to help you choose the best hair replacement system for you! Message us and let us talk about our product.  

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