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By MEGAN | 04 March 2024 | 0 Comments

Advantages of Using a Hair Toupee

The biggest, most obvious advantage of wearing a toupee is that it covers up the fact that you’re balding.
Since toupees cover up baldness and signs of hair thinning, they offer an easy option for hiding diffuse thinning or a bald patch without serious intervention.
This can make wearing a human hair wig or toupee a good choice if you’re interested in hiding your hair loss when you’re in public but don’t want to commit to other treatments, like using medication or getting something like hair transplant surgery.

Disadvantages of Using a Hair Toupee

On the other hand, toupees for men have several disadvantages. These drawbacks include:
  1. The good ones can cost a lot
  2. They need to be fitted by a professional
  3. They can be time-consuming to maintain and re-apply
  4. They’re a temporary fix to an increasingly permanent problem
The first of these is that a convincing hair toupee can be pretty expensive, both to purchase and to have fitted professionally.
Toupees can range in price from less than $100 to several thousand dollars. Yes, really.
As a general rule, the more convincing a toupee looks, the more it’ll cost. You know what they say: Good ain’t cheap and cheap usually ain’t good.
A good quality toupee will need to be fitted by a specialist to match your scalp, unlike less expensive, off-the-shelf wigs for hair loss.
Just like with natural hair, you’ll need to clean and condition your toupee to keep it looking its best. Over time, these hair maintenance products can add up.
Beyond costs, men’s toupees have several other disadvantages. First, there's the inconvenience factor of applying adhesive to your fake hair every three to six weeks and trying to fit it onto your scalp.
While a natural-looking toupee can look almost identical to your natural hair, a bad toupee can be, well… unfortunately hilarious.
Finally, when it comes to actually “treating” male pattern baldness, toupees only offer temporary results. Unlike hair loss medications or surgery, once you remove your toupee, you’ll still be affected by baldness that may become more severe over time.

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