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What are the common causes of hair shedding in non-surgical hair replacement systems?

Hair shedding in non-surgical hair replacement systems can be caused by several factors. Here are some common causes:
  1. Normal hair cycle: Just like natural hair, the hair used in non-surgical hair replacement systems goes through a natural hair growth cycle. This cycle includes a resting phase (telogen) where hair sheds naturally to make room for new growth. Therefore, some hair shedding is a normal part of the hair replacement system's life cycle.
  1. Improper attachment: If the hair system is not properly attached or secured to the scalp, it can lead to increased hair shedding. Insufficient or incorrect use of adhesives, tapes, or clips can cause the hair system to become loose, resulting in hair shedding.
  1. Tension and pulling: Excessive tension or pulling on the hair system, such as tight hairstyles or rough handling, can cause stress on the hair strands and lead to shedding. It's important to handle the hair system gently and avoid hairstyles that put excessive strain on the hair.
  1. Inadequate maintenance: Improper care and maintenance of the hair system can contribute to hair shedding. This includes infrequent cleaning, using harsh products, rough brushing or combing, and improper storage. Regular and proper maintenance is crucial to minimize shedding.
  1. Quality of hair: The quality of the hair used in the non-surgical hair replacement system can also impact shedding. Lower quality or poorly processed hair may be more prone to shedding compared to high-quality hair.
Some amount of hair shedding is normal in any type of hair replacement system. However, if you notice excessive or sudden hair shedding, it's advisable to consult with a hair replacement specialist to determine the underlying cause and address any potential issues.
Why do some non-surgical hair replacement systems experience hair shedding?
Some non-surgical hair replacement systems may experience hair shedding due to a few reasons. One common reason is that the hair used in these systems is not rooted or attached to the scalp like natural hair. Instead, it is typically attached to a base or mesh material using various methods such as adhesive or clips. This attachment method can cause some hair to become loose and eventually shed.
Additionally, the hair used in non-surgical hair replacement systems is often not the individual's own natural hair. It can be synthetic hair or human hair that has been processed and treated. This hair may not have the same lifespan or durability as natural hair, leading to shedding over time.
Furthermore, factors such as improper maintenance, excessive pulling or tugging on the hair system, harsh styling techniques, or using low-quality adhesives or tapes can contribute to hair shedding in non-surgical hair replacement systems.
It's important to note that some amount of hair shedding is normal in any type of hair system, including non-surgical options. However, proper care and maintenance can help minimize excessive shedding and prolong the lifespan of the hair system.

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