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LyricalHair is an experienced professional manufacturer and wholesaler of human hair systems, mens toupee and hair pieces for men and womenboth in China and intemational Countries for over 30 vears
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  1. Model Name: Q6
  2. Base Design: The base design of the Q6 toupee features a French Lace base at the center and front, with Clear Poly sides and back. This combination provides a natural look and easy tape attachment.
  3. Hair Type: The Q6 toupee is made with Indian Remy Virgin Hair, which is known for its high quality and durability.
  4. Hair Length: The hair length of the Q6 toupee is 6 inches, offering a versatile styling option.
  5. Hair Wave: The hair has a slight wave with a 32mm wave pattern.
  6. Hair Density: The Q6 toupee is available in various hair density options ranging from 80% to 120% (Light to Light-Medium), allowing you to choose the desired level of thickness and volume.
  7. Styling: The Q6 toupee offers a freestyle hair system, giving you the flexibility to style it according to your preferences.
  8. Natural Hairline: The Q6 toupee features a natural hairline with bleached knots, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural hair.
The Q6 hairpiece at Lyrical Hair offers various colors and styles to choose from. Here are some details:
                 HAIRLINE- This is the front view of the toupee.                                                                 

SIDE VIEW- The side phase of the toupee. It has 32mm wave length.

  1. Hair Style: The Q6 hairpiece is designed with a freestyle hair style, allowing you the flexibility to style it in various ways.
  2. Hair Density: The available hair densities for the Q6 hairpiece include 80% light, 90% light to light medium, 100% light medium, 110% light medium to medium, 120% light medium to medium, and 130% medium.
  3. Hair Color: Lyrical Hair offers a wide range of hair colors for the Q6 hairpiece. They have 62 colors available, giving you plenty of options to match your desired look.
The Q6 hairpiece is known for its natural-looking hairline, achieved through meticulous hand-tying of the hair strands to the base. This creates the illusion of natural hair and allows for a realistic appearance.
For more specific information about the available colors and styles for the Q6 hairpiece, I recommend visiting the Lyrical Hair website or contacting their customer service directly. They can provide you with detailed information and assist you in choosing the best color and style for your needs.
You can customize the hair density of the Q6 hairpiece at Lyrical Hair. Lyrical Hair offers the option to customize various aspects of their hair systems, including hair density. When ordering the Q6 hairpiece, you can specify your desired hair density based on your preferences.
The available hair density options may vary, but generally, you can choose from different density levels such as 80% light, 90% light to light medium, 100% light medium, 110% light medium to medium, 120% light medium to medium, and 130% medium. These options allow you to achieve your desired level of thickness and volume.
To customize the hair density of the Q6 hairpiece, you can provide your preferences and specifications, including the desired density level, when placing your order. It's recommended to contact Lyrical Hair directly or visit their website for more information on the customization options available for the Q6 hairpiece.
The Q6 hairpiece at Lyrical Hair offers different density levels to suit individual preferences. Here is some information on the available density levels:
  1. 80% Light: This density level offers a subtle and natural look with fewer hair fibers. It provides a lightweight and realistic appearance, mimicking the density of natural hair.
  2. 90% Light to Light Medium: This density level strikes a balance between a light and medium density. It offers a slightly fuller look while still maintaining a natural appearance.
  3. 100% Light Medium: This is a standard density level that is commonly chosen. It provides a medium density, giving a natural and balanced look.
  4. 110% Light Medium to Medium: This density level offers a slightly higher density, providing more volume and thickness while still looking natural.
  5. 120% Light Medium to Medium: This density level offers a fuller look with increased volume and thickness. It provides a medium density that can suit those who desire a more noticeable hair density.
  6. 130% Medium: This density level offers a higher density, providing a fuller and more voluminous look. It is suitable for those who prefer a denser appearance.
These density levels allow you to choose the level of thickness and volume that best suits your desired look and style. It's important to consider your natural hair density and personal preferences when selecting the density level for your Q6 hairpiece.
For more detailed information and assistance in choosing the right density level for your needs, I recommend contacting Lyrical Hair directly or visiting their website.
While specific recommendations for maintaining and styling the Q6 hairpiece based on its density level may vary, here are some general tips to consider:
  1. Maintenance: Regardless of the density level, regular maintenance is important for keeping your Q6 hairpiece in good condition. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning, conditioning, and storing the hairpiece. Use gentle products specifically designed for hair systems and avoid harsh chemicals or excessive heat.
  2. Gentle Handling: When styling or brushing the Q6 hairpiece, be gentle to avoid pulling or damaging the hair strands. Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush specifically designed for hair systems to detangle and style the hair. Start from the ends and work your way up to minimize tugging.
  3. Styling Products: Choose styling products that are suitable for the density level of your Q6 hairpiece. Lighter styling products, such as mousses or light-hold gels, may work well for lower density levels, while denser hairpieces may benefit from stronger-hold products. Avoid using excessive amounts of styling products, as this can weigh down the hair and affect its natural appearance.
  4. Heat Styling: If you choose to use heat styling tools, such as curling irons or straighteners, use them sparingly and at a low heat setting to prevent damage to the hair strands and the base of the hairpiece. Apply a heat protectant spray before styling to minimize heat damage.
  5. Customization: Consider working with a professional hair system stylist who can customize the Q6 hairpiece to your desired style and density level. They can help trim and shape the hair, add layers, or create a specific hairstyle that complements your features and preferences.
Remember, it's important to follow the specific care and styling instructions provided by the manufacturer or your hair system provider for the best maintenance and styling practices tailored to your Q6 hairpiece.
Wearing a Q6 toupee or any hair system can have several effects on your daily life. Here are some of the potential impacts:
1. Natural Appearance: Hair toupees provide a lifelike appearance that seamlessly blends with your own hair, making them virtually undetectable. This can help enhance your overall appearance and make you feel more comfortable in social settings.
2. Boosted Confidence: Regaining a full head of hair can have a profound impact on your self-esteem, boosting your confidence and overall sense of well-being.
3. Maintenance Efforts: Wearing a toupee does require some maintenance. You'll need to clean it regularly and use appropriate adhesives to keep it in place. This could add some time to your daily routine.
4. Potential Discomfort and Itching: Especially during hot and humid weather, a toupee may cause discomfort and itching. An improper fit or the use of low-quality materials can exacerbate these issues. However, regular cleaning and using appropriate adhesives can minimize discomfort.
5. Lifespan of the Toupee: How you store your toupee when not in use has an effect on its lifespan. A well-stored toupee will maintain its lifespan. It's recommended to use a wig stand and store it away from light.
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For more detailed information about the Q6 toupee, including pricing and availability, I recommend visiting Lyrical Hair website .

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