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By Sally | 13 April 2022 | 0 Comments

How to answer people’s question-are you wearing a toupee or hair system?

If you're wearing a hair replacement system or toupee, you're probably dealing with hair loss and trying to cover it up with full human hair. If the hair toupee is properly matched and mixed, it will look natural and realistic, but friends, family or colleagues may ask some unwelcome questions, especially if you deal with baldness or thinning hair for a long time before using the hair replacement system for the first time.
So, what would you say if someone asked you if you were wearing a hair system? This blog will introduce some ways you can answer this daunting question.

The hair systems are more accepted now

It is important to remember that hair systems are more popular today than they were a few years ago. If you need to prove this, you just need to browse social media platforms such as tiktok and check various labels, such as "toupee", "hairstyle system" and "hair replacement system". Today's young people continue to marvel at the natural appearance and authenticity of toupees and wigs.
So, compared with a few years ago, it will not be a surprise when people understands you were wearing other people’s hair. In addition, hair systems have become a hair loss solution as popular as hair transplant and prescription medicine - all these are without the side effects and infection risks.
Everyone is different. Not everyone wants the world to know that they are wearing a toupee because they would rather to be discreet about it. Here are some ways to answer them when you are asked if you are wearing a hair system.
1 “Why are you asking this question?”
The answer might be confrontational. But if you feel it is a personal question and their question has crossed the border, the answer is necessary, especially to strangers. After all you will not ask a stranger if his or her ring is real. Hair loss is a sensitive topic for both men and women. Taking steps to wear a hair system might be daunting but liberating. But not everyone wants the world to know that they are wearing a toupee. So if you answer like this, not only let the asker speechless but also let them understand this question is not a kind of question you feel comfortable to answer. If a friend or a relative ask you this question, you can answer them in this way, but it depends on how close you are. You can tone down the directness.

2 “What do you mean by hair system?”

Another option is to be surprised as if the hair system is your real hair. Imagine if someone asked whether your skin is real how would you react(assuming it is, of course!). You would be shocked but more surprised to know someone would ask this kind of question. Similarly, if someone asked you if you are wearing a toupee, you can react to them in the similar way. This will not only surprised them, but also let them admire your hair. Of course, it is only suitable to the situation that they had never seen you without a hair system. But even if they saw you bald in the past, you can also say it is because of stress or you had a bad haircut.

3 “No, it’s my own hair”

You can answer them with the diplomatic answer that it is your real hair. After all, if you are wearing a toupee, technically you are own and wearing real human hair. If you think to say the hair is your real hair is a little bit weird, just imagine this situation-you would not say the mobile phone or car is not your own just because you buy them from somewhere else. Similarly, you can use the same logic with your hair system. If you can answer with confidence, it will better convince the questioner so that they don't have to ask again.

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