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By MEGAN | 20 March 2024 | 0 Comments

How To Stay Intimate During Hair Loss

Whether you have a receding hairline or a severe case of Alopecia, hair loss can give a blow to anyone, regardless of gender. The hair on our heads, our crowns, and our locks are represented as an expression of who we are and are a significant source of self-confidence. Some may think, “How will I ever go on dates again? How will the intimacy in my relationship ever be the same?” Well, these fears and anxieties are common. However, there are ways to revive that spark and style you used to have.
High-quality hair systems can fix patches or hairlines or provide whole new sets of hair to make you feel like yourself again. Tons of people use hair systems to cover up the unfortunate loss of hair and give them a refreshing new look. Many would be afraid to explain their situation to their lover, but with the right one, you’ll find they won’t even notice or care.

Below are some different options you must keep things spicy and sexy in the bedroom, even as you continue your hair loss journey. These tips can improve your confidence, whether it be with a long-term or short-term partner, in the bedroom, or on a date.

Secure Your Hair Piece

The easiest fix for easing your worries when getting intimate with a partner is to secure your hair system well. You can treat the situation just like you were going to the gym—plan on getting sweaty, being active, and moving around a lot.
There are several ways to secure your hair system. Try using a tough adhesive like tape or glue to keep your wig in place. You can also look for systems that are waterproof if you want to turn up the heat and find yourself sweating a lot. This can add an additional layer of protection to make you feel more comfortable.
Keep in mind, though, if you don’t tell your partner about your wig, you are at risk of them pulling on your hair system. If this happens, then your wig or hair system could fall off or tear, which might be a big surprise to you and your partner.

Tell Your Partner

Another solution, which isn’t always the easier of the options, is to tell your partner about your hair system. This might be ideal in situations with more long-term partners. Take some time to sit them down and explain the situation to them. You can provide as many or as few details as you would like to. Remember – you don’t owe them information about yourself.
The right partner will love you for who you are, regardless of what is or is not on top of your head. You should never be ashamed of sporting a hair system because it makes you feel more confident and like yourself. If your partner has a negative reaction to this information, then it might be a clear sign they are not the right partner for you. Always love yourself first, and don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself.

Ditch the Wig

If you and your partner truly love each other, consider ditching the system! The right person will love you and find you attractive with or without your hair system on. Plus, you might be more comfortable if you don’t have to worry about securing a hair system and keeping it in place throughout the evening.
There’s no right or wrong way to go about this – it is all up to your personal preferences and needs. There might be better options for you if you find yourself struggling with confidence and self-love, as it may be distracting and debilitating in the bedroom. Either way, you shouldn’t be ashamed.


Just because you wear a hair system now doesn’t mean you can’t have a spicy and fun evening in the bedroom. You have several options to stay comfortable, confident, and happy. Try one or more of the above solutions to have a carefree and exciting intimate experience.
There are many decisions that must be made when deciding on a new hair system, and whatever yours may be, we promise to make it happen. Looking for your best has never been easier than with Lyrical Hair. Lyrical Hair Team is always here to help you choose the best hair replacement system for you! Message us and let us talk about our product.  

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