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By Rachel | 19 March 2024 | 0 Comments

Men's Lace Hair Systems - It's All About the Base

When speaking of Men's hair system base types, what is being referred to is the piece of material that is adhered to the head and anchors the hair strands. Lace hair systems are particularly popular because they are comfortable, lightweight, and offer a high degree of realism. The delicate lace material blends easily with the human scalp making them undetectable. Today hair replacement options have come light-years ahead of the dated wigs and toupees of the past. Men have a variety of choices to restore their hair and confidence.  

Three primary types of hair system bases are: lace, mono, and thin skin. Each hair system has unique features and advantages. Base hair systems are a popular hair restoration method because they allow you to avoid the pain and uncertainty of surgery, don’t require you to take pharmaceuticals, and they are fast. Today’s variety of hair systems are completely natural looking, lightweight, comfortable, and can restore lost hair nearly immediately.

A base hair system is applied in just a few short steps. First, a gentle adhesive that protects the scalp is applied and allowed to dry. Once dried, the tape for the hair system is applied to the protected scalp, and then the hair system can be applied and styled. Having a base hair system will allow you to have a new, younger and more confident look in a matter of hours.

The lace hair system comes in several varieties, from stock to custom, and from French lace to Swiss lace. As the name implies, a lace hair system uses lace material as the base. The reason lace is a popular choice for a hair system base is because it is discreet and tends to be very comfortable as well. Once a lace hair system is in place, it is almost impossible to tell that it isn’t a natural head of hair. For best results, the color of lace used for the base should closely match your skin tone.

The French lace hair system usually has smaller holes than the Swiss lace hair system. The French lace hair system is usually thicker and more durable while the Swiss lace hair system is lighter weight and more breathable, but less durable. One type of lace isn’t necessarily better than the other, it just depends on what you are looking to achieve and your personal lifestyle. Lace hair systems can be washed gently with warm water and styled, and protective products should be used while applying heat.
Lace hair systems provide the perfect balance of breathability and durability. Your lifestyle, budget, hair loss pattern, andother factors can help determine which base hair system is the best fit for your needs.

Our product is well-loved and enjoyed by our customers all over the globe. We can help you cover hair loss problems and achieve different hairstyles instantly.  
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In this way, we are sure that we can be there for you not only at this moment but for all your future hair replacement requests. Looking for your best has never been easier than with Lyrical Hair.
Lyrical Hair Team is always here to help you choose the best hair replacement system for you! Message us and let us talk about our product.  

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