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Most Popular Men's Hair Systems Found in the Hair Replacement Industry

The hair replacement industry has witnessed remarkable advancements, offering men innovative and natural-looking solutions for their hair loss concerns. In this guide, we delve into the most popular men's hair systems that have become trendsetters in the realm of hair replacement. From cutting-edge designs to unmatched quality, these solutions are transforming the landscape of men’s hairstyling.
At Lyrical Hair, we take great pride in the quality of our products and offer a reliable quality guarantee. We use only the highest-quality materials and employ skilled craftsmen to ensure that every product we produce meets our strict standards.
In this article, we’ll be discussing more of the popular hair systems commonly found in the hair replacement industry.
Mono Hair System

Mono hair system is one of the more durable as far as hair system bases go. This is when individual hairs are tied to a mesh material which gives the illusion of hair growing from the scalp.
They are soft and comfortable to wear while they tend to have a longer lifespan than full lace or skin bases. This is because monofilament systems are usually constructed along with poly or lace, the former of which provides extra durability. As a result, they can hold greater hair density and are ideal for those looking to wear hair systems on a more semi-permanent basis. That said, they are not as breathable as a lace wig. Mono hair systems are also lighter and less bulky, making them more comfortable to wear. On the other hand, Lace hair systems are more expensive due to their delicateness.

Other base options

A more enhanced version of a full lace base is the lace with poly base which provides slightly more durability. Additionally, it’s also easier to attach and maintain due to the poly material.
A more enhanced version of the mono base is the lace front base which provides a natural looking front hairline thanks to the undetectable lace. However, it is more durable than a full lace system because of its fusion with mono material.
Lace Hair system

One of the most popular bases is the full lace base. This is when wigs or toupees use lace material throughout the base which is tied with human or synthetic hair.
They are particularly beneficial due to the hairline being virtually invisible thanks to the natural looking lace material. This essentially gives you the most natural looking look with your family, friends or peers being unable to tell if you're even wearing a hair replacement system!
Additionally, they are lightweight, breathable and very soft making them a popular option for those looking at non-surgical hair replacement system. However, they can be delicate, so they not only carry less hair density — the volume of hair — but are not very durable as a whole. In addition, the knots can be visible while there is plenty of maintenance required as far as attaching, removing and cleaning them.
People dealing with hair loss also have the option of getting French lace or Swiss lace with their units. French lace units are less natural looking but provide great durability. Most lace systems use French lace as the default material. Swiss lace units, meanwhile, are more natural looking but aren’t as durable in comparison to the former due to how delicate it is.
The advantage of a French Lace Hairpiece: One of the biggest advantages of using a French lace hair toupee is that it breathes much better than other base materials. When people weave hair into the foundation, the needle repeatedly punctures it, leaving holes. this allows hairpieces made from the material to be worn longer than others without feeling hot or uncomfortable. the quality also makes them better to wear during summer months, or in warmer climes. Another excellent quality of French lace hair systems is their versatility and durability. The creation process leaves the toupee with a clear part, just like in natural hair. You can use conditioner or gel to style it however you want. Note that certain designers can customize hair systems to have the part on the left side, right side, or middle of the scalp.
Skin Hair system

The ultrathin skin substrate is designed with an ultrathin material called polyurethane. The thinness of the material proves that it's lightweight and very lightweight. Because of its lightweight, invisible and fragile nature, it's the best choice for a skin like foundation, and it also looks like skin. When this ultra-thin hair toupee is applied to the scalp, if you separate the hair, it looks like your skin will appear between the hair. These men's ultra-thin skin hair toupees also have a very clear hairline, so if someone stands beside you, you don't have to worry about the toupee for men being recognized. When people praise your hair, you get the feeling that you know your money has been put in the right place, which is another matter. Hair bases use a knotted system for ventilation but in the ultra-thin Skin base of men's toupee hair uses the V-looped ventilation method.  Since ventilation is essential for any men's toupee, this method of ventilation is up-to-date and sensible, and does not require tying techniques. the way hair adheres to this base is like it looks on natural hair growing on the scalp. it provides the most imperceptible appearance. And the men’s toupee hair pieces are part of everyday life. No one wants people to know that they are covering up their shortcomings, perhaps women's make-up or men's hair systems. This type of thin skin base can provide a real solution for hair loss. Many men's self-esteem protectors around the world know about thin skin hair toupees. Therefore, the price point is a secondary factor based on the satisfaction it provides.
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