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For non-surgical hair replacement systems, we receive inquiries from different customers every day. This blog has compiled some frequently curious questions of novice customers. Please read them carefully. There should be the answers you want here. 

1. Q: There are many types of hair systems on the market, how do I choose a men's wig system that suits me?  
    A: First, you need to distinguish between three main types of hair systems: Full Lace hair wig for men, Skin base hair replacement, and Monofilament hair system. Secondly, you need to analyse according to your own situation: do you love outdoor sports? Do you exercise regularly? Do you have oily skin? Do you sweat a lot? If the answer is yes, then we recommend you to choose the most breathable and lightweight full lace toupee wig styles that allow your scalp to breathe fully. And if you sweat a lot, it's a good idea to give your men's hair piece some thorough cleaning every week. 


2. Q: I am worried that the hairpiece for men cannot be firmly attached to my scalp, which type of base should I choose the safest? 
    A: First, we need to determine if you have thinning hair, partial baldness, or complete baldness. When you choose to wear a men's hair piece, we recommend shaving the entire top of your hair so that the bond of the hairpiece will not be affected by your natural hair. Second, all of our hair systems will be securely attached to the top of your head if the toupee hair is glued in the right way. If you want the safest men's hair replacement attachment, then we strongly recommend that you choose the skin base, you just need to apply the glue evenly on the scalp and the wig will fit very firmly on the top of your head. 
3. Q: I want to have all my hair combed back, which men’s toupees are best for me?  
    A: If I understand correctly, you should want a hairstyle with a big back, which is very demanding on the forehead hairline. In this case, we recommend that you choose a skin hair system. This hairpiece for men base uses a V-Looped process, which allows for smooth air circulation and provides a very realistic and natural hairline. The skin system is divided into 3 grades according to the thickness. We generally recommend that customers choose the 0.04-0.06 thin skin replacement hair systems, which is the most suitable in terms of thickness, comfort, and durability. 
4. Q: I have never worn a toupee wig before, will it cause damage to my scalp? Am I allergic to adhesives?  
    A: The men's toupees is a non-surgical hair replacement system without any harm, which greatly saves the post-operative repair time, and the hairpiece does not have certain risks like surgery. With proper maintenance before and after wearing, it will not damage your skin. And as long as you use a professional hair wig for men's adhesive, there will be no allergic reactions. 
5. Q: There are so many sizes of men's hair pieces, how do I choose the correct size?  
    A: The default sizes of our men's wigs are: 6*8", 6*9”, 7*9", 7*10", 8*10". If our size does not meet yours after professional measurement, please contact us, you can Customize it according to your desired size. 


Our product is well-loved and enjoyed by our customers all over the globe. We can help you cover hair loss problems and achieve different hairstyles instantly.       
We are willing to negotiate to accommodate your needs.       

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