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By Sally | 27 April 2022 | 0 Comments

Six reasons which leads to your hair replacement system base wrinkled and how to repair it

When talking about the hair systems, you may experience various kinds of problems. It is itching when wearing the hair system. Or the hair system base slides down. Or your hair system is shedding hair. There might be a quite number of reasons which may lead to the above problems. And there are many ways to fix it. The same applies to wrinkled hair system base.
If you find that your hair system base is wrinkled or is going to wrinkle, it will be a big problem because it will not only affect if your hair system looks natural, but also make it more difficult to apply your hair system because the hair system will not evenly attached to your scalp. There will be lots of reasons lead to the hair system base wrinkled. In this blog, we will see six reasons and offer some solutions. So you will not only know how to fix the wrinkled hair system base, but also prevent the wrinkles occur from the beginning.  
Hot water was used in the cleaning process
One of the reasons your hair system may wrinkle is that you use hot water or warm water to wash it. Warm water can cause the hair system to stretch and then cause wrinkles.
This is why it's important to wash with cold water, at least use lukewarm water. It is suggested that you should do the same when you take a shower. When you take a shower do not use hot water on your head because hot water can make your hair dry and lead to hair shedding. 
Use thick adhesive tape
Another potential cause of wrinkling is that the tape you used is too thick for the hair system. Of course, it depends on the type of tape you use. But sometimes hair replacement wearers prefer to use two layers of tape. This is to provide stronger grip and make the hair system safer on the scalp.
Use glue because it has a thinner layer than tape, which will make your hair system look more natural. However, if you prefer to use tape for cleaning or attaching, you can only use a layer of strong tape.

Head contour mismatch

When you buy a hair system online, one important thing you need to do is assure the size is OK. So if you scalp size is around 8’’x10’’, the base size of the hair system is 6’’x8’’ will not work. However, it is equally important to ensure that the base contour is suitable for you.
It is important for you to choose a suitable head shape for you. The regular contour is suitable for men with standard head shape. The deep contour is suitable for men with a round head and almost no flat scalp. The shallow contour is suitable for men with with a flatter head surface. Choosing an incorrectly contoured hair system will not only make wearing uncomfortable, but also lead to bubbles and bulges.
Stretching the base
Back to the previous point, you have to get a hair system that fits the size of your scalp. If get a smaller hair system, it means that you or the hair system salon have to stretch the base to make it fit. 
Although a small amount of stretching is OK, over stretching the base will lead to a large number of wrinkles and bulges. If the situation is severe, you will not be able to fix the wrinkles, eventually leading to the damage of your hair system, finally you have to buy a new one. In order to avoid this situation happens to you, we suggest you to measure your scalp for your hair system, so that you will know what size of base will suitable for you. A professional suggestion is to choose a larger version of base. If it is too large if possible. If it is too big, you can trim it to the suitable size. But if it is too small, you can not make it larger.
Scratching with the hair system on
It is important not to scratch the hair system too much, as this may be another cause of wrinkles in your hair system. After all, just like you're scratching your scalp with a hair system on, you're basically scraping the base material, which can lead to dents and wrinkles.
Your hair system can be itchy for many reasons, whether it's lack of maintenance, dandruff or other skin conditions, or allergic reactions to your toupee or wig adhesive. Make sure these causes are eradicated before the next time you wear the hair system to prevent yourself from scratching and eventually damaging your men's toupee.

Defective hair system

It is also possible that you may have received a defective hair system, so the base of your hair system is wrinkled. If this happens on arrival, do not cut or design the hair system, as you may not receive a refund or exchange. In general, be sure to check the refund and / or return policy of the hair system supplier you ordered.

How to repair wrinkles on the hair system

To sum up, what if there are wrinkles? How do you fix or eliminate them? First, we recommend using Just Rite Positioning Spray. This is a positioning spray that is usually used in the bonding area to move the hair system to the correct position on the scalp. However, it can also be used to moisturize the skin and help eliminate wrinkles.
Alternatively, you can use adhesive solvents or alcohol to help weaken or loosen the adhesive around the wrinkles. This will hopefully repair wrinkles before you reapply the glue. However, it all depends on the severity of your wrinkles, and if you can't repair them, you may need a new hair system. But at least for now, you'll know how to prevent your new hair system from wrinkling!

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