Custom Mens Hair Systems

Designing YOUR OWN hair system is the best way to accommodate your personal toupee needs. A Custom Hair System Toupee is very flexible design-wise and can be incorporated with your chosen special toupee assets, like your preferred base material or hair grade, to achieve the best hair system for your lifestyle. The best part, through customization, we are most likely able to match your hair color, density, length and style to make your hair sysrem look more seamless and natural. We have below some of our own popular customizations which are mutations of two to three types of lace or poly materials for the toupee base. You can also have a try at these few selection and see what works for you. And if you have found the system that best fits you, guess what, we can also duplicate them! We are just right here to assist you with your toupee needs. You can reach us at (1)323-974-7170 or email us at It would be awesome to hear from you. 

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