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Hair Style

Customizing a hair system also involves in selecting a hairstyle. It is advisable to choose a hairstyle similar to your own, or you can choose a hairstyle which best suits your current/preferred hairstyle.


With a custom system, you can now have any hair style you have ever or wished for! Fresh, funky, classical, or just regular, we offer a series of standard designs that can then be manipulated to your heart's content. Be who you want to be!


Here are the most popular hairstyles as following:


Probably the most popular of all the styles, because it will allow you to change the direction and parting at will, or to leave it messy and funky!

Center Parting

Hairs are attached in the usual way, but with a subtly pronounced parting down the middle of the scalp.

Left Parting

As it sounds, and popular with the older generations of customers, but available to everyone (in fact, more young people are going back to it!).

Right Parting

Opposite of Left Parting.

Left Break

Similar to Left parting, but the departure is indefinite and still covered with hair. The scalp is invisible at this part.

Right Break

Opposite of Left Break.

Flat Back

The flat back is a useful style for all of you Mafia Dons out there. Slick it straight back, put on your dark shades, and go to work!