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Repair an old system

Don't throw old hair away, Send it to us to get repaired, save thousands of dollars!

Hair repair is fast, easy, and works for almost any damaged hairpiece. Best of all, our starting fee of $99 covers nearly all repairs.

Our competitors DO NOT want you to know about this service!

Hair repair is the best-kept secret in the hair replacement industry. Our competitors don't want you to know the truth about hair repairs because they would instead make you buy a brand new hair replacement system. The truth is, many of the old hairpieces can be fixed. Starting at just $99, we can fix anything you can think of - tape tabs, poly, tears, hair-additions and more. Don't throw away damaged systems, send them to us and get hair that looks as good as new for only $99. This service may put some of our competitors out of business!


How to Order a Repair

1. Please Click Here to order a repair of your system by filling in the repair order form.

When you complete the repair order form, our Customer Service member will send you an email with the following information enclosed:

       1) Repair form

Please print your order form (you will find your completed order form attached to the email with the subject title "Order Documents." The file is called Order Form.pdf). And put this order form into the parcel you are going to post to us.


       2) Factory address

Please print the PDF file "Factory Address" and attach to the front of your package


       3) Customs Deceleration document

You must attach a "CN22 Customs Declaration" to the front of your package. We have attached a completed CN22 form. Please print this form, sign and date it, and add the "total weight" (if you do not have scales, your local post office will be able to calculate the weight). Please cut out the form and attach it to the front of your package.


2. Then send your hairpiece along with the repair form to the address listed on the bottom of the structure, as soon as we receive your hair system, we will bring the repair process. If necessary, we will get in touch with you regarding any questions.


3. That’s it! 6 weeks later, and you will receive a well-repaired hair system delivered to your door.